The goal of putting is to strike a ball, on an intended line, based on a point of aim, at a specific speed.  A golfer, therefore requires a putter which they can aim and control speed with.  Unfortunately, 80% of golfers can't aim their putter accurately at the hole from 6 feet away and most likely not wighted properly to fit their stroke tempo.  This little known fact impedes a golfers performance on the putting green.  A custom fitted Edel putter is build specially assembled to improve aim and speed.  Each putter is then handmade and sent directly to you with your choice of stampings, finishes and paint fill.

What is an Edel Custom Fit Putter?

Edel putter are the most customized putters available.  Edel Golf is the premier putter fitting technology available to golfers.  Edel offers three unique designs that can be built to a golfer’s specific need: Basic, Variable Weight and Variable Loft. Edel putters are precisely milled from a block of 303 Stainless Steel, are available in six head shapes and are hand-crafted using a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) vertical milling press.

What does the custom putter fitting process consist of?

The 3-step putter fitting process of finding the perfect Edel putter starts with a basic but critical truth: how a golfers perceives aim.  Each golfer relies on their eyes to set up a putt, and most golfers – even the best players in the world, touring professionals on the PGA Tour – have imperfect visual aim.  That's why if you have looked at rifle scopes, they all are adjustable.  Understanding that target oriented sports, the ability of aiming to a target is critical component.  The putter fitting process provides golfers with the tools necessary to ensure complete customization to their requirements.

3 Step Edel Putter Fitting Process

  • Assessment:  The first step is to assess a golfer’s aim. The golfer aims at a small laser projector that looks similar to an actual golf hole. When the ball is removed, the laser beam reflects off a mirrored putter face, which projects back onto a black screen positioned vertically behind the projector, showing the difference between the golfer’s aim and the actual target.  This process incorporates both aim and a starting point for loft.
  • Personalization:  After the golfer’s aim is determined,  the second step in determining the right it is ensuring proper aim.  Edel's fitting system is capable of creating 273 million component combinations made up of various heads, hoses, offsets and lie angles.  This allow a fitter to not only find the perfect combination to fit the golfer's natural aim but improve their speed by incorporating head weight, shaft flex, counter-weight and more.
  • Creating the Putter:  Once the putter fitting is complete, Edel utilizes specifications taken to hand-mill a custom putter that fits perfectly with that golfer.  Old-fashioned craftsmanship infused with modern technology are intertwined with the the highest quality materials create a putter that feels right, and looks amazing.  The putter is further personalized by stamping the golfers' name or other personal information.