Best Way To Improve A Golfers Swing Plane

Improving a golfers swing plane is an interesting one for certain.  Why is that?  Simple, their are so many opinions going around to accomplish this.  So how does a golfer decipher which way is best for them?  That in my opinion is the million dollar question.  

Rather then writing a long blog on the best way to improve a golfers swing plane, I will post a video Jon Sinclair and I did.  We created this video based on the things we have experienced and learned by improving golf swings.  We also discuss key concepts in improving forces and motions of a golfers swing plane from The Forces and Motion Workshop presented by Dr. Phil Cheetham and Dr. Sasho MacKenzie in their Forces and Motion Workshop.  

Key Points in How to Improve A Golfers Swing Plane Video:

  • 2:30 into video: Discussion on what happens when the Center of Mass (COM) moves under and over the hand path.  
  • 4:39 into video: We start discussing where the COM should be to help promote more of a draw or fade swing.  This is the key component golfers need to understand.  They really need to understand that the look at the top of golf swing doesn't really matter.  What really matters is the relationship between of COM and out of plane torques to the timing of when it happens golf swing. 
  • 5:20 into video: Discussion starts about key elements in driving the golf ball.  What we have learned by measuring players using AMM 3D to their PGA Tour Driving Stats.  

Take Aways From Improving A Golfers Swing Plan Video:

  1. Clearly understanding the force and motions created in a golf swing.  Then developing feels associated with what better controlling these ever constant relationship.    
  2. Golfers must practice their awareness between the relationship of COM of club to hand path.  This will help golfers improve ball flight by better managing face to path relationships.  

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