Simplifying Your Golf Swing Concepts

The organizational component of the mind is truly impressive.  It is capable of doing things at such a high level when CONCEPTS are kept rather SIMPLE and the MIND DOESN'T get OVERWHELMED with COMPLICATED thoughts.  

Each of our students have improved their full swing simply but allowing their minds to better organize their motion and feels.  We have accomplished that by keeping concepts consistent from session to session with the help of MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment.  

Rather then go into a log detailed blog providing details on what MEGSA will do to their swings, I have posted a few videos of students using the perfect practice equipment.  These concepts are extremely simple.  So simple that kids can easily learn from them.  

Each of these students where using MEGSA Equipment at their own pace and fully engaging their minds in the learning process.  

MEGSA will simply the learning process for all golfers.  Information delivered to golfers must be simplified to remove the excess swing thoughts that destroy ability to swing a golf club.  All our golf lesson plans include MEGSA Perfect Practice Training hours.  


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