Improve Your Putting Stroke Make Percentages

Can't believe I'm going to say this, but FINALLY some COMMENTING that is actually beneficial for golfers.  Take a minute to watch this video.  Commentators discussing Tony Finau putting warm-up.  

True, feedback is necessary for improvement. But feedback that is gold for one, could be coal for another.  How do you avoid that fatal mistake?  First step: assessment!  Assessments clearly isolate the fundamental problem. Then run diagnostics to ensure feedback based training is and will improve a particular technique to improve the skill.  That is KEY component and it ensures that player isn't losing or wasting valuable practice time working on something that isn’t geared to help them improve. Time wasted can never be returned.   That time wasted gives player training effectively a huge competitive advantage. 

Here is another video of Henrik Stenson and Patrick Reed using feedback.  

Commentators: "You could a GREAT putt that DOESN'T go in.  You could hit a POOR putt that DOES go in."  So TRUE!  Golfers have NO control over a ball when rolling on a green.  It truly is an illusion that must be understood. To obtain the desired outcome of making a putt, a golfer must, I repeat, must lose focus on making the putt (outcome thinking) and place it where it truly is needed. That falls within the process of making the putt. Those are the things a golfer can control. Those keys are different then what they are discussing because mindset is key component which not mentioned  That is also the #1 piece to the puzzle.  


  • Mindset
  • Start direction 
  • Pace 
  • Green reading
Engross yourselves in that, judge yourself on that, strive to master that and you will start seeing yourself make more putts.  
— Dennis Sales

Another great piece of information.  Majority of putts missed will stem not green reading errors.  More specifically, not accurately matching speed with the chosen line.  

Back to assessment and ensuring drills are geared to improve ones practice.  This snap shot of a before (left image) and after (right image) from a students SAM PuttLab report.  Report clearly illustrates exactly what I'm referring to when it comes to ensuring desired technical change to improve skill is specifically designed to aid in a players improvement process.  We went through a few concepts before settling in on one that made a major difference.  Now, we have a blueprint that works and only requires player to master the desired concepts.  


Considering this is Master month, we are providing a FREE SAM PuttLab putting stroke assessment.  Please call 972-861-0649 or link below to email us in order to schedule appointment.