Practice with Purpose, Practice with Feedback

Practice with purpose, practice with feedback is key to your improvement. Unfortunately, vast majority of golf ranges and more specifically their golf balls, don’t provide golfer the right feedback for improvement. This is one piece that I have been saying for years. It also is one of the main reason why I moved my training center indoors. Yes, indoor golf isn’t like real golf. But, it does provide a greater opportunity for golfers to practice with more precise feedback. This precise feedback then allows golfers to develop more fundamentally sound technique and knowledge of what their golf ball does.

While I was watching The Masters this morning, I finally heard something that resonated with the research and experienced I have had. Take a minute to watch the clip and hear the announcers talk about the importance of gaining accurate information on a players game day golf ball.

One of the things that allows you to do that, is these players are practicing with the same golf ball that they will then play with. So they will have an identical golf ball information from this practice area to the golf course.
— Michael Breed

Now, I’m pretty certain that you have seen tour players warning up with TrackMan prior to events. I’m also certain that you know that majority of tour professionals own some sort of ball flight launch monitor. Now, did you know they actually warm-up and practice with the golf ball that they play with? That ability helps them dial in their ball flight and distances. They do not spend tons of time practicing with a golf ball that flies entirely different then their game day golf ball! It is also a fact that majority of golfers don’t practice like this. IMO, this makes it really difficult for golfers to improve their games. Now, I know their will be some push back as many golfers have improved their games with range balls. I know I did, but I just like most elite level ball strikers are different. I just don’t see many amateurs capable of doing what elite performers can do. So to continue to allow amateurs to practice with a key piece of the puzzle thats not the same as what they play with is not helping their cause of game improvement.

I get this a lot. WHY DID YOU MOVE INDOORS? Simple, the indoor environment is better suited to improve baselines to technique and ball flight. Our facility provides clients the ability to work more effectively on full swing technique by using training aids to provide feedback. Not only can they can also use the industries best training aids, they use best radar based in TrackMan, and they can use the industries best camera best system in the Foreseight Quad when dialing in distances with their GAME DAY GOLF BALL.


TrackMan and Foresight were names best camera based and radar based radars fro 2019. Click on the link to read more.

So while golfers are working on technique or working on dialing in their ball flight, they are using their game day golf ball to dial in their feels. This purposeful practice concept then allows them more time to spend on the golf course vs spending time on the range hitting range balls.

As for lessons and coaching programs… our facility customizes improvement solutions for each golfers thru a wide arrow of options. This concepts pertains to both types of golfers. Those who want help and those who prefer to work things out on their own. What many don’t realize and it is partially our fault for not promoting it. We do offer the opportunity for golfers who prefer to work things out on their own a practice solution. We allow golfers to come in and use our equipment as part of our practice club membership. One option is that golfers can purchase 20 hours of practice time for $300. This option also grants permission to gain access to our scheduling app and game improvement portal filled with skill based games to track their improvements. We also provide more practice club membership options and benefits.



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