Shooting lower golf scores is hard without having a player specific plan.  Our Dallas Fort Worth, Texas golf lesson plans are specifically structured to help each handicap level break their scoring barrier.  Our golf lessons follow a proven comprehensive approach to improving fundamentals of golf performance.  Each golf lesson begins with clearly defining goals, objectives and measurements.  These key components are nearly impossible to achieve without a on-course assessment.  The success of our students is directly related to these key performance enhancing techniques.  Isn't it time for you to finally achieve long lasting results?  

Our 10 plus years of experience tells us that majority of golfers have not been able to accurately determine what is preventing them from breaking their scoring barrier.  Our unique on-course assessment reveals the true skills needed to finally break that scoring barrier.  Why the on-course assessment?  Simple, how many golfers stripe it on the range and then can't bring it our with them to the course?  So why would we want to evaluate you when we can't see what is truly creating problems?

Our adult golf lesson plans in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas mirror our high successful junior golf lessons lesson plans.  At Dennis Sales Golf, our golf lesson plans not only provides adults with the necessary expert instruction, we provide an unparalleled learning platform to help golfers achieve success on the golf course.  We believe every golfer can improve with commitment to the right golf lesson plans.  Our simple to execute plans eliminate all those complicated technical swing thoughts, helps golfers learn to manage their mind and develop a greater understanding of what to truly practice.  By following our 3 Keys to Improving Fundamentals of Performance specific to each golfer type, golfers will achieve their goal of shooting lower golf scores.

We have the right pathways to help you succeed no matter what your scoring barrier is.

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Private Golf Lesson Series

Each private golf lesson will be held either in our state of the art teaching bay, private grass lesson tee area or on Texas Star Golf Course.  Which one and sequence is determined by our assessment, practice schedule and course of action to achieve set goals.  

  • Green Fee & Range Balls Provided
  • Technology and Training Aids Included
  • Video lesson recap uploaded to website
  • Skill building games to maximize practice
  • Mental game mastery techniques
  • Book to fit your schedule 
  • Includes Lowest Score Win Workbooks
  • Special Limited Time Offer: Series of 4 Lessons $300 

1 Hour Golf Lesson

Each private golf lesson is customized to fit the needs of each player.  We can look at one piece of your game and systematically work towards gaining more consistency with it. 


  • Technology and Training Aids Included
  • Lesson Recap and Drills Provided
  • Green Fee & Range Balls included
  • Goals Established
  • Book to fit your schedule 
  • $150.00

Half & Full Day Private Instruction

Half and full-day private instruction can be fully customized to working in our state of the art indoor/outdoor bay, our private grass tee or even head out to play or train on Texas Star.


  • Green Fee and Range Balls Included
  • Lesson Recap & Training PDF Provided
  • Technology and Training Aids Included
  • Book to fit your schedule
  • Half-Day Tuition: $450
  • Full-Day Tuition: $900

Customized Golf Schools

Customized group golf schools are provided as requested.  Each school gains total access to the most advanced training center with private grass tee and world class golf course.


  • Green Fees and Range Balls Included
  • Schools are Completely Customized 
  • Technology and Training Aids Included
  • Lesson Recap & Training PDF Provided
  • Book to fit your schedule
  • Tuition: Varies, Email for more Information




Dennis Sales Golf provides the best golf lessons in Dallas Fort Worth at Texas Star in Euless, Texas.

Since our arrival in Texas, our junior golf results are unmatched by any other program in the Dallas Fort Worth, Metroplex.  Our adult golf lesson plans mirror what our juniors do during lessons, training and how their practices are structured.  If you are serious about getting on-course results, your search over.  At Dennis Sales Golf, we guarantee our results which means you have nothing to lose but strokes of your scores.

  • Over 200 victories, and over 300 top 5 finishes
  • PGA Tour Victory
  • Hailee Cooper, Grace Ni, and Mia Ayer are students ranked inside the top 60 in AJGA Polo Golf Rankings (as of Feb. 2016) 
  • Hailee Cooper represent United States in Junior Solheim Cup
  • Winners on the TJGT and AJGA tours
  • Numerous girls qualifying for US Juniors
  • Hailee Cooper making it to round of 32 in US Women's Amateur - 2015
  • Hailee Cooper winning the US Four Ball Championship - 2016
  • Numerous US Kids Player of the Year recipients
  • Player setting D1 school scoring history
  • Awesome Burnett, 2016 Top 10 finish at US Kids World Championships
  • Isaac Diaz, 2016 Top 5 finish at US Kids World Championships
  • Hailee Cooper, Grace Ni and Mia Ayer players finish top 10 in 2016 6A Texas State Girls Championship
  • Ava Schwienteck - 2016 5A UIL Texas State Girls Champion
  • Julia Gregg - 2016 5A TAPPS Texas State Girls Runner-Up
  • Grace Pettijohn - 2016 4A TAPPS Texas State Girls Champion

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With so many options available, picking the right golf instructor / coach is a difficult process.  Experience, application of knowledge and learning tools utilized in golf lessons makes all the difference in the world.  Just like at the tour level, the best players seem to gravitate to the best golf coaches.  See what our students are doing and follow along on Instagram.  


Developing a world class short game only requires effective skill building practice habits.  This video discusses a great way for golfers to enhance their short game skills.