Ever wonder why a player like Jim Furyk is able to compete on the PGA Tour with an unorthodox swing?  The answer lies with "Swing Efficiency".  Unfortunately this can't be seen with video, but can measured with 3D Motion.  Swing efficiency is how golfer creates, stores and delivers power at impact.  This quantifiable "Power Signature" is the secret link that all great ball strikers closely share.  

Golfers who struggle with consistency, accuracy or lack the distance they seek would benefit from improving their power signature.  Getting measure is the first step in determining what part of your performance development is to be trained.  Once swing efficiency improves, so will the consistency, accuracy and distance.

About K-VEST

K-Vest is an all-in-one capture, analysis, and training solution that allows golf teaching professionals to easily measure swing efficiency and movement patterns while the real-time training experience improves swing faults in less time. K-VEST's turn-key solution includes:

TPI 3D SoftwareTPI's 3D software allows users to measure swing efficiency and compare this 3D motion to the world's top PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players.

K-SWING Summary:  Easy-to-read 3D analysis provides a simple roadmap to communicate game improvement to students.

Video Analysis:  Simultaneously capture 3D and video and compare in split-screen mode.

Real-Time Feedback:  Use real-time visual and auditory feedback to improve virtually every aspect of the golf swing including set up, backswing, and impact.


K-TRAINER, a 2-sensor wireless system, is the most intuitive swing and fitness training solution available in the golf market. The system, which debuted on the Golf Channel, allows professionals and golfers to improve body and swing mechanics through real-time visual, auditory, and kinesthetic feedback. From full-swing and short-game drills, to stability and mobility exercises, users can choose from over 50 pre-installed training exercises that can be customized to fit any swing philosophy or physical limitation.

Swing & Short-Game Drills:  Choose from a library of swing-customizable drills that will improve a golfer's set up, full swing and short game.

Golf Fitness:  Choose from a library of stability and mobility exercises that will help players improve the body-swing connection

Rep Counter:  The rep counter allows users to watch each repetition and count down as they successfully complete a swing drill or fitness exercise.

Auto Advance:  The ultimate solution for unsupervised training. The auto advance feature automatically loads the next drill or exercise once a drill or exercise set is completed.