Your golfing improvement is a choice.  This choice is a difficult one with so many different options currently available.  In your search, follow these 4 questions.  We are confident that the answers will lead you right back to Dennis Sales Golf.  Why?  Our unique new student golf assessment in Dallas Fort Worth doesn't just focus on your range swing or skills.  We evaluate on-course golf skills as well.  Our thorough new student golf assessment provides clarity to the improvement process by prioritizing keys.  

  1. How to start?
  2. Who is the best coach for my game?
  3. Do they guarantee their work?
  4. What do golf lessons cost?

How to Start?

A simple internet search in your area for coaches who provide their clients a new student golf assessment.  See what type of new student golf assessment they are providing?  Are they just focusing on your range swing?  Are they assessing your on-course golf skills?  How long is the new student golf assessment?  Remember, there are no short cuts to long lasting golf results.  If you are a golfer in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, we truly believe that you won't find a better golf assessment and that you will return to schedule your new student golf assessment with us here at Dennis Sales Golf.  

Who is the best coach for my game?

Take a look at their student record of accomplishments.  Great golf coaches help their students get on-course results.  They also tend to attract the better players.  Why is that?  Golf has become such a competitive sport that players need a coaching team dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.  Shouldn't you want the same attention?

Do they guarantee their work?

We fully stand behind what our new client golf assessment will reveal about the current state of your game and how it will provide a clear pathway to lower golf scores.  So much that we will continue to teach you for FREE if we can't achieve set goals in program duration.    

What do golf lessons cost?

Not only do we stand behind our golf lessons, but we have a drop-in golf lesson program for adults that starts at $79.95 for a two hour golf lesson.  We even have similar style programs for junior golfers.

If you want something you never had, then you have to do something you have never done.

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What Our New Student Golf Assessment in Dallas Fort Worth Provides:

Our new student golf assessment the most comprehensive swing evaluation, ball-control skills testing and on-course performance analysis. The concept behind golf programs is to prioritize and systematically work towards improving on-course performance.  Without gaining a complete understanding of what a golfer is capable of doing on and off the course, it makes impossible to develop a player specific development plan.  We believe every golfer can improve their scoring capabilities if their practiced their weakest skill.  We also believe golfers are not intentionally practicing the wrong components.  They just don't fully understand exactly what is keeping them from shooting lower golf scores.  That is focus behind our new student golf assessment in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.  

Took the new student golf assessment and couldn’t believe what it revealed. No wonder why my current practice habits have not changed my golf scores. Really excited and have complete faith about implementing your improvement plan.

Details to our New Student Golf Assessment in Dallas Fort Worth:

  • TrackMan Combine - A ball-control skills tests that benchmarks a players ability to hit shots from short wedge shots to drives against others players, and clearly illustrates weaknesses and strengths.
  • Wedge Combine - A ball-control test that focuses on determining how well a player is with their scoring clubs.
  • Video Swing Analysis - Illustrates the golfers swing and tendencies.
  • K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis - Measures and defines how well a golfer creates, stores and delivers speed and power into the golf ball.
  • SAM PuttLab Evaluation - Provides accurate insight to what is plaguing a golfers putting stroke
  • Playing Evaluation - Used to determine a golfers ability to understand their tendencies, course-management skills and self-management skills.
  • Program Build-Out and Goals Setting Session - To improve clearly defined goals and realistic time-table is established.  Each personalized golf coaching development program is created to match goals.
  • On-Course - Together we will head out to the course to measure key performance statistics with our unique score card system, learn the  players course management tendencies and see how mentally strong they are.
  • Cost:
    • $250 

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If you don’t test, its just a guess.
— Titleist Performance Institute

Who will our New Student Golf Assessment work for?

There is no obligation or even a commitment after scheduling your new student golf assessment.  Our New Student Golf Assessment is designed for any serious golfer looking to either elevate their games.  Our golf assessment is perfect designed for golfers who choose to work on their game alone or for those who wish to receive guidance on their journey.  Either way, our new client assessment is the perfect opportunity to really learn how to shoot lower golf scores.  Each golfer taking our assessment will be emailed their improvement blueprint.  Come take our golf assessment that reveals the priorities and starts the journey on high performance golf.   



Call 972-861-0649 to Schedule Your New Student Golf Assessment in Dallas Fort Worth at Dennis Sales Golf.


Dennis Sales Golf provides the best new student golf assessment in Dallas Fort Worth at S.G.T.C @ Texas Star in Euless Texas.  Come experience what our new student assessment at a world class golf training center.  Let us help you take your game to the next level.


With so many options available, picking the right golf instructor / coach is a difficult process.  Experience, application of knowledge and learning tools utilized in golf lessons makes all the difference in the world.  Just like at the tour level, the best players seem to gravitate to the best golf coaches.  See what our students are doing and follow along on Instagram.