Our GolfPysch training offers golfers the premier mental game training system for golf.  GolfPysch is the only mental game training system that was tour researched, that is tour tested and most importantly, tour proven.  

What is Performance Mindset?  Simple, the ability to perform at your highest level when it matters the most.  Elite competitors have another level to their games.  They have developed the ability to control their mindset to harness their strengths, talent, skills and preparation to use at the right time and place to play out of their minds.  Our Performance Mindset training coaches you to not only create game plans but ensure you execute them by executing Champion Bubble techniques.  

About GolfPysch:

  • Research and Experience:  8 Champion Personality Traits discovered after multiple studies form the best players in the world, PGA and LPGA Tour.
  • On Professional Tours:  GolfPysch has helped Tour Players win 31 Majors (at least once on PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour) and many other professional events on PGA, Champions, LPGA, European, Australian, Nationwide, Canadian and other tours around the world.
  • On College Events:  Clients have won division and regional tournaments along with NCAA Div. 1 National Championship, Texas State High School Championship.
  • On Junior Events: Clients have won numerous district and regional titles as well as State Championships.  Many juniors have achieved national rankings and been signed by top Division 1 schools.
  • Competitive Amateur Clients:  Have won numerous top amateur titles as well as state and national championships.
  • Avid Golfer Clients:  Have broken through their personal best scores, and have won or placed well in numerous club and city events.  

Mental Game training helps golfers bullet proof their mental games.  Elite players know and have worked towards mastering the mental game to gain a competitive edge.  Learning to ensure your mental game doesn't hinder your performance during competition helps golfers consistently play your best.  Our mental game training system will help you understand and increase your self-awareness and self-control.  

About Performance Mindset

How do we help achieve a High Performance Mindset?  Well that starts by understanding the MINDSET first.  Then developing a winning Game Plan to achieve your goals.  The principles to unleash your mind:

  1. Your Mind is Powerful
  2. You Control Your Mind
  3. You Have a Choice in Every Situation

Unleashing your MIND starts by understanding what it is that creates problems for golfers.  Our mental game assessment reveals the possibilities for improvement

Have you Achieved your Potential? 

Golfers who are frustrated by lack of progress simply could be working on the wrong components.  Especially if you have been spent countless hours working on your swing, you are able to shoot better scores in practice rounds but not in tournaments.  If this is the case, your full swing isn't the problem why your scores have not improved in competition.  It is very likely that your thinking is hindering your on-course performance.  Remember, your mind controls your swing and your swing doesn't control your mind.  

Mental Game Preparation to Gain a Competitive Edge

Two important questions about your mental game.

  1. What about my mental game is affecting my performance?
  2. What I am doing to improve it?

We will help you get started on unleashing your true potential by

  1. Helping you gain a great awareness of key principles of a solid Mental Game for Competitive Golf.  
  2. Learning how your personality is holding your back from playing better golf.
  3. Providing customized training techniques and concepts.
  4. Providing you multiple learning opportunities to develop a strong mental game to handle competition.

Performance Mindset and Mental Game Training

  • Coaching Time - half day training
  • Review of Assessment
  • Development and Execution of Plan
  • Developing Strong Mental Routine
  • On-Course Coaching
  • FocusBand Training

Next Steps:

  1. Contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation so we can answer questions on program.
  2. Register to receive code for assessments.  
  3. Training can be done in person or thru Skype.  
  4. Receive access to on-line training platform to follow specially designed program and to watch videos. 
  5. Start developing a performance mindset.