Our DFW playing lessons provides golfers the necessary training to transfer their new skills or improve current skills where it matters most, the golf course.  In order to shoot lower golf scores, we help our players in conditions that simulate situations during rounds.  This unique opportunity helps golfers develop new habits that will be able to withstand the rigors and constantly changes conditions found on the golf course.  

During playing lessons we will help players learn to better utilize their existing golf skills or become comfortable with their new skills.  This also provides our coaches an opportunity to observe and assist players with particular situations.  The additional guidance players receive while playing, helps them improve their decision-making and self-management skills.  Playing lessons also provide an excellent opportunity for our golf coaches to keep notes of specific skills that need further training.

Texas Star golf course in Euless serves as the perfect location for these playing lessons and is minutes away from DFW airport.  Texas Star is centrally located within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  Our golf course is well known for its challenging layout.  Golf Digest, Golfweek and other magazines have highly ranked Texas Star as a must play course.  The 275 acres of plush fairways, magnificent views, stacked rocked ponds, waterfalls and natural woodlands provide a unique Texas golf experience.

9 Hole Playing Lesson Includes:

  • On-Course Instruction - World-class golf coaching to help golfers where it matters most, the golf course.
  • Green Fees - Texas Star cart rental and green fee is included.
  • Practice Plan Playbook - Upon completion on playing lessons, golfers will receive a plan that is specifically designed for their needs.
  • Cost - $250

These playing lessons are a great opportunity to truly learn how to safely navigate your golf ball from shot to shot.  Improve your decision making skills.  Develop a greater understanding of how all the variables effect actual ball flight.  Strategies learned from playing lessons truly help golfers improve their golf scores.



 Dennis Sales is a highly trained golf coach that delivers world-class golf coaching, provides the best playing lessons Dallas Fort Worth.  He was the 2011 & 2012 Top Ranked Golf Instructor in New England before moving to Texas.