PROJECT 360 campaign is specifically designed for adult golfers wanting to improve their on-course play but are apprehensive about committing to a 6 month plan because they have not seen results over the years.  We completely understand the hesitance.  Especially if adults have invested time, effort, energy and finances into their improvement process.  

For Project 360 to work, we ask that adults become open minded to tasks and concepts.  We are not asking you to do something crazy or that has never been done.  Maybe you just have not done this?  What we are asking you to do is accept learning and training activities just like our juniors.  Our juniors are highly successful are lots revolves around their commitment to executing their individualized improvement plan.  

Project 360 Membership Details:

  • On-Course Game Assessment 
  • 12 Week Commitment
  • Training Hours: 12 hours

On-Course Game Assessment

Each Project 360 program starts with our unique on-course game assessment.  Assessment will reveal opportunities to save strokes, prioritize lessons and create very specific deliberate practice plans.


  • Playing Lesson (9 holes)
  • Green Fee & Range Balls Provided
  • Personalized Improvement Plan
  • Goals Established
  • Book to fit your schedule

12 Week Commitment

Program combination of weekly deliberate training sessions with our unique feedback tools is geared to systematically check off prioritized skills and technique needed to successfully execute 12 week improvement plan.


  • Weekly Purposeful Practice Plans Provided
  • Sequential Training Sessions Scheduled
  • On-Line training platform 

Golf Training

Just like our highly successful  junior training programs, adults will train in our olympic style settings.  These small group (4 to 1 ratio) provides the coaching, training and purposeful practice to achieve set goals.  


  • Weekly 1 hour training sessions per month
  • Technology and Training Aids Included
  • Recaps uploaded to on-line platform
  • Book to fit your schedule 

Project 360 Tuition Cost: $795.95 

Limited number of memberships available at reduced tuition.  Must pay for on-line to receive savings.

Project 360 Membership Training Add-ons

On-Course 9 Hole Playing Lessons

Our coaches will help golfers transfer their newly acquired playing skills to the golf course.  These playing lessons provide a great opportunity to truly learn how to safely navigate your golf ball from shot to shot.   Playing lessons not only help golfers improve decision-making and self-management skills but learn to use our unique on-course scorecard system.  These proven strategies will help golfers improve their golf scores.

Beautiful Lantana Golf Club is well know for its challenging and manicured layout add to this unique Project 360 learning experience.

9 Hole Playing Lesson Includes:

  • On-Course Instruction 
  • Green Fees - Cart rental, range balls and green fee is included.

Purposeful Practice Sessions

Every athlete spends time practicing in front of their coaches.  Golf practice should be no different.  Our supervised practice program is the most effective way for golfers to improve their practice time.  Why?  Combination of our industry leading learning tools and structured supervised practice from a certified golf coach will add tremendous structure to time spent practicing. 

Rather then heading to range to beat balls. This add on feature allows golfers to come out for a 90 minute supervised practice session.  Come use our tools to help you improve your time for the similar fee of what it would cost to go to the range.  During these sessions, we will add a unique gaming feature to improve focus and ultimately, improve your games.  

Supervised Practice Sessions Includes:  

  • Access to all our learning tools
  • Range balls included
  • Tuition per session - $15
  • Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.
  • Thursday at 10:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.




Dennis Sales Golf operates the best adult golf lesson plans in Dallas Fort Worth at our unique golf training center in Flower Mound.  Project 360 is revolutionizing how adult learn and improve their golf games.  

Since our arrival in Texas, our junior golf results are unmatched by any other program in the Dallas Fort Worth, Metroplex.  Our success falls within our unique process and plan buildout.  Our experience tells us that adults have to follow the same winning formula as our juniors.  At Dennis Sales Golf, we know improvements CAN'T be achieved without some sort of commitment.  We are asking golfers to trust our proven methods and commit first to a short term program.  Honestly, what we need is adults to have an open mind to our learning concepts.  After all, to achieve different results, we can't continue to do the same exact thing. 

Student Achievements Since Arriving in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas in 2013.

  • Over 200 victories, and over 300 top 5 finishes
  • PGA Tour Victory
  • Hailee Cooper, Grace Ni, and Mia Ayer are students ranked inside the top 60 in AJGA Polo Golf Rankings (as of Feb. 2016) 
  • Hailee Cooper represent United States in Junior Solheim Cup
  • Winners on the TJGT and AJGA tours
  • Numerous girls qualifying for US Juniors
  • Hailee Cooper making it to round of 32 in US Women's Amateur - 2015
  • Hailee Cooper winning the US Four Ball Championship - 2016
  • Numerous US Kids Player of the Year recipients
  • Player setting D1 school scoring history
  • Awesome Burnett, 2016 Top 10 finish at US Kids World Championships
  • Isaac Diaz, 2016 Top 5 finish at US Kids World Championships
  • Hailee Cooper, Grace Ni and Mia Ayer players finish top 10 in 2016 6A Texas State Girls Championship
  • Ava Schwienteck - 2016 5A UIL Texas State Girls Champion
  • Julia Gregg - 2016 5A TAPPS Texas State Girls Runner-Up
  • Grace Pettijohn - 2016 4A TAPPS Texas State Girls Champion

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