Knowledge is Power!  Gain a competetive edge by completely understanding what aspect of your game has been holding you back from shooting lower scores.  Shot-by-Shot statistically tracking program provides the golfer and their coach the power to dissect each shot being taken on the course.  As rounds are continuously played and entered, a players database grows.  Stats collected each facet of the game begin to show weaknesses.  Those weaknesses illustrated by Shot-by-Shot now aid in creating a player specific improvement plan.  This systematical approach helps a golfer focus on improving one category at a time until their goal is reached.  Then they would have improved upon a skill and can move to the skill needing development.

Shot-by-Shot Program Includes:

Driving - Just obtaining how many fairways hit or miss doesn't help a coach understand the severity of the mistake.  We as coaches need to know both how many fairways, how many strokes are being lost for missing a fairway and how much improvement can actually be made.

Long Game Efficiency - Determining consistency in this category is a must, GIR's with average from pin help improve and illustrate progress is being attained.  If this category dramatically fluctuates from round to round then scoring consistency is nearly impossible.

Short Game - Now we are getting into the area where par saving up and downs are required to break the scoring barrier you currently face.  Learning exactly how far your average from the pin helps determine how much short game work is required and sets the mark where one would focus their putting at.

Putting AnalysisAs a coach, I can't stress enough how important it is to know what distances you have to the pin.  Having this is data at your finger tips creates an opportunity for a golfer to not only improve making more 1 putts but also removing those round killing 3 putts.