TrackMan Golf, the leader in golf swing analysis software, has been testing golfers shot-making abilities with the TrackMan Combine test for years.  The TrackMan Combine Test has received a tremendous amount of feedback for benchmarking players ball control skills from the world’s top touring professionals to junior golfers.  TrackMan Combine Test will highlight each golfers specific weaknesses and strength’s at specific distances.  The TrackMan Combine Test will also show a clear relationship between a golfers test results and what their score on the golf course.  To improve your golf scores, one must first learn of their weaknesses and then develop of player specific development plan to improve.  The TrackMan Combine test will start you on your road to better golf scores.

The TrackMan Combine Test consists of:

  • Shots hit at targets/zones of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140 160, and 180 yards plus drivers.
  • Upon completion of test, players will receive the following indispensable feedback:
    • Average Distance from the Pin at each target
    • Average Drive Distance
    • Average Offline for Drivers
    • Score (0-100) for each shot category
    • Percentile Ranking for every shot category
    • Aggregate TrackMan Combine Score

The TrackMan Combine test is especially important for those competitive juniors looking to play high school at a college or beyond!  Testing your current game against the player you want to become serves as a benchmark to how much work you really need to do.   Working on your ball control skills with TrackMan is not only fun, but should become an integral part of your training program.




Our unique golf training center located in Flower Mound utilizes TrackMan Combine to accurately assess a players ball control skills.  We also use TrackMan in all junior golf lessons and training sessions.  

Stanford Men’s Head Coach Conrad Ray  said of the TrackMan Combine Test, “It was a great addition to our Players Camp to integrate TrackMan Combine.  We not only helped all participants learn about the importance of focusing on specific targets while practicing, but also how difficult it is to hit a specific yardage upon command.  Further, we as coaches learned a lot about each player.  For example, as the players were hitting drivers for distance and accuracy, as opposed to for a fitting, we realized that half of out camp participants were playing a driver that not properly fit for their swing!”  Coach Ray continued, “I really look forward to my team returning in the fall so we can fully integrate the TrackMan Combine into out focused golf training - hitting shots with a purpose and getting the immediate feedback, realizing strengths, knowing what to work on... I can’t recall any more effective and efficient golf practice protocol.”

Dennis Sales is a highly trained Performance Golf Coach that specializes in player development.  He offers TrackMan Combine Testing in Dallas Fort Worth.  Dennis was the 2011 & 2012 Top Ranked Instructor in New England by New England Golf Monthly.