This supervised practice program was created based on feedback from parents of our juniors.  They wanted to experience the same training concepts provided in our highly successful junior programs.  Supervised practice program is structured so adults have an opportunity to work on their games under the supervision of a certified golf coach while gaining more access to our leading performance enhancing tools.  

Key component of supervised practice is to provide adults an opportunity to effectively maximize their practice times.  Adults will learn same effective concepts unitized in our proven junior programs.  Practicing with a very specific purpose wand practicing under the same pressure conditions found while plain golf.  Learn to finally make the most out of your practice time and start lower lower scores today!

Adult Supervised Practice Golf Program Details:

  • 2 hour sessions
  • Sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • Tuition
    • $79.95 per session
    • $699.50 for 10 sessions (20 hours total)
    • $495 per month for unlimited sessions