MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment ensures that golfers are not only practicing with a purpose but they practice with precision each and every time.  This constraint led approach aids in the development of making a repeatable sound golf swing by ensuring the quality of each repetition.  

We all understand how difficult it is to really create sustained changed to a golf swing.  Specifically when student is allowed to much freedom to practice a new movement on their own.  MEGSA is specifically designed to enhance a players feel by limiting the amount of space the club and body can move.   This allows the golfer to make the correct movements.  It then becomes a matter of repetition before golfer owns their new action.  

MEGSA concept stems from the experience and teaching of Mike Bender.  He is a former national teacher of the year and teacher of two time major winner, Zach Johnson.  Mike realized that his years of plain professionally and as a teacher, he needed to assure swing changes could be made quickly and permanently.  

MEGSA address two major learning challenges: the swing and the difficulty students have maintaining their new feels.  A golfers feels along with their swing is difficult to adjust to but also is essential element to the game.  For some golfers, practicing properly can be a great challenge.  MEGSA is designed to help golfers lock into their feels and swing more effectively.  

The Perfect Practice Equipment MEGSA, in my opinion can, and will revolutionize the teaching and application of the golf swing. It encompasses the necessary tools to build an effective and efficient golf swing and putting stroke. it provide feedback that is reliable for both a beginning amateur and low handicapper. Proper use will allow fore the ultimate feel and muscle memory in turn establishing a significantly improved golf swing.
— Zach Johnson: 2007 Masters Champion, 2015 British Open Champion