Our Golf Skills Assessment is the most comprehensive swing evaluation, ball-control skills testing and on-course performance analysis. The concept of development programs is build upon the weakest link in order to improve performance.  Without gaining a complete understanding of what a golfer is capable of doing on and off the course, it makes very hard to develop a player specific development plan.  We believe every golfer can improve their scoring capabilities if their practiced their weakest skill.  We also believe golfers are not intentionally practicing the wrong components.  They just don't fully understand exactly what is keeping them from shooting lower golf scores.

If you want something you never had, then you have to do something you have never done.

Ultimate Question?

Which skill or skills are holding you back from shooting lower golf scores?

Our goal of this full game assessment is to provide a clear pathway to shooting lower golf scores.   This assessment will finally reveal key performance limiting factors.  Golfers can then choose between lessons or coaching programs to aid in the process of shooting lower golf scores.

Your golf skills assessment starts with testing your ball-control skills using TrackMan.  The TrackMan combine tests your ability to control distance and accuracy in a 60 shot test.  Our Wedge Combine tests the scoring clubs of a player by having them hit 10 shots with their wedges to specific distances.

After testing your ball control skills, we take an in-depth look at your current swing efficiency.  Every great player has their own unique look to their golf swing.  What they do share can't be seen on video.  This is where 3D motion analysis helps coaches determine how well a player is able to create, store and deliver power into the golf ball.  Improving this element will help golfers improve consistency, accuracy and gain distance.

The next step of golf skills assessment consists of a SAM PuttLab measurement.  This aspect of evaluation looks deeper into what's happening within the dynamics of the putting stroke.  One of the big things we are looking for is consistency and if it's not, what part needs training?

This golf skills assessment doesn't stop at our world class training center.  Golfers will head out on Texas Star so Dennis can collect on-course performance stats along with understanding the golfers mental and course management abilities that is costing the player strokes.  Only then will true weaknesses and strengths be determined that are preventing a golfer become a player. 

Golf Skills Assessment:

  • TrackMan Combine - A ball-control skills tests that benchmarks a players ability to hit shots from short wedge shots to drives against others players, and clearly illustrates weaknesses and strengths.
  • Wedge Combine - A ball-control test that focuses on determining how well a player is with their scoring clubs.
  • Video Swing Analysis - Illustrates the golfers swing and tendencies.
  • K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis - Measures and defines how well a golfer creates, stores and delivers speed and power into the golf ball.
  • SAM PuttLab Evaluation - Provides accurate insight to what is plaguing a golfers putting stroke
  • Playing Evaluation - Used to determine a golfers ability to understand their tendencies, course-management skills and self-management skills.
  • Program Build-Out and Goals Setting Session - To improve clearly defined goals and realistic time-table is established.  Each personalized golf coaching development program is created to match goals.
  • On-Course - Together we will head out to the course to measure key performance statistics as well as learn more detail into players course management tendencies as see how mentally strong they are.
  • Cost - $250 for session

Golf Skills Assessment serves as a baseline of current skills, illustrates improvements and is essential in creating the most targeted game improvement program possible!

If you don’t test, its just a guess.
— Titleist Performance Institute