Best putting instruction in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Our putting lessons will help you develop your essential putting skills to master the putting green.  

Dennis Sales Golf provides the best putting lessons in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.  Our expert putting instruction features a unique putting matrix which is the most comprehensive system available.  Each putting lessons is specifically designed to enhance essential skills in order to save strokes on putting green.

Do You Struggle with Any Of These?  If, so we can help!

  • Do you find predicting the amount of break to play from course to course difficult?
  • Are you able to consistently aim your putter, control the speed of each putt and start it on your intended line?
  • Are you sure that your putter matches the putting stroke your trying to make?
  • Can you control your mind or does your mind control you on putting green?  
  • Do you have a post shot routine to determine which key putting skill is off?
  • Can you lag the ball close enough, consistently enough to not 3-putt?
  • Do you make enough of those round saving putts inside 10'?