MEGSA PPE: Improve Your Golf Swing

MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipement is the most effective way to improve your golf swing.  For years golfers taken golf lessons have in my opinion, been taught at.  What you may not know is the true essence of actually learning to own a more efficient golf swing doesn't work that way.  Don't believe me?  Well here goes... Neuroscientists have discovered two key elements that have major connections in how golfers create or improve swing patters.  First, a golfers brain DOESN'T build mind to muscle connection well when they are just told to move their swing in a different direction.  To effectively improve your golf swing and build that connection better, golfers have to be in the discovery process.  Then the swing change, according to those neuroscientists, will be more successful because the student becomes integrated into part of the learning curve.  This is where MEGSA plays a major role.  Students who need to improve their swing dynamics can do so while tapping into the power of self discovery.  MEGSA consistently provides golfers with appropriate feedback which targets deep into their subconscious mind.  The precise location where their swing program is stored.  How does it do that?  When a golfer attempts to make their normal swing, a particular MEGSA station blocks that path.  A golfer now has to self discover and self correct to create new feels associated with tweaking their swing dynamics.  Basically eliminating all those technical swing thoughts that plague thousands of golfers.  Now that sounds great to me, how about you?


MEGSA works with all 3 learning styles

To start with lets talk about the three main learning styles.  They are auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  Experts say most people learn best from a combination of all three but since people are unique, it's difficult to paint a clear picture of that combination.  Key is finding the ideal combination to ignite the learning curve.  Some people know their combination while others may not.  For golfers to flourish, it's imperative that their golf coach understand these learning styles and can furnish the environment specific to the needs of student in front of them.  Potential of student sky rockets upwards when it does.  Especially so with kids!

As with kids, it's especially important that their environment changes so they can become effective in learning across all three styles.  When that happens, their learning ability becomes quicker.  This effectively creates an opportunity to grasp new concepts faster then one always taught with one or two styles.

  1. Visual - use video, images, seeing and watching others to learn.  MEGSA produces visual feedback from the stations that golfers have to avoid during golf lessons or during training sessions.  Golfers at our training center also are provided with video and TrackMan both running.  Our goal to further enhance this style and so golfers can see their progress happening right in from of them.
  2. Auditory - use words, sounds, explanations to learn.  Auditory feedback provided in the MEGSA happens when a golfer bumps their club against one of the stations being used.  Golfers also receive expert golf instruction in their golf lessons or in training sessions.
  3. Kinesthetic - use feelings, movement, participation and actions to learn.  MEGSA training stations produce new sensations and movements for kinesthetic learners as they learn to move more efficiently.

Is MEGSA a one size fits all swing method or philosophy?

Absolutely not!  MEGSA PPE stands for Most Efficient Golf Swing Attainable Perfect Practice Equipment.  Its by far and away the most comprehensive full swing training equipment.  It in my opinion is also the most effective full swing learning equipment.  Since it covers all three learning styles.  Some golfers may fear that MEGSA is only designed for one specific swing method or philosophy.  Well, that's not the case at it.  MEGSA is designed to work with any swing method.  MEGSA training ensures perfect practice each time a golfer uses the equipment by allowing golfers the opportunity to make correct movements in their specific station.  So it really provides golfers immediate results and then only becomes a matter of time before owing the new skill.

Golfers who have been trying to or those who have failed to change the effectiveness of their swing dynamics will benefit from the help of MEGSA provides.  Each of the 15 stations or combination of stations can specifically improve any number of swing faults.  Using MEGSA during golf lessons and if necessary during practice/training, will no doubt help a golfer effectively improve the connection to finally evolving their golf swing.  Again, it does that because of how it works across the three learning styles, plus how consistent we are in being able to replicate the precision of  each station.  Then and only then will a golfer finally have the power to improve their golf swing and level of play.

Each student receives their very own MEGSA card to keep station positions. This card holds the key to keeping golf lessons and training consistent from session to session.

Develop the skill of PROPRIOCEPTION

Before we get into proprioception, let's first understand our golf club.  It's something we all have to swing when we practice or play.  A golf club connects us to the ball which we are trying to move from point a to point b.  Its weight and feel in yours hands / arms is something we are trying to learn and can't be replicated with anything else other then your golf club.  Removing this key component only creates an additional step to the learning process .  Even worse, it could add more confusion or fog (as I like to call it) because the difference in feel created between mind and body.

  • What is Proprioception?  Proprioception, from Latin proprius, meaning "one's own", "individual" and perception, is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Really simple, its the minds awareness of where a golfers limbs are moving through space.  Some people have even called it the bodies 6th sense.  Developing proprioception is imperative to play golf at a high level.  How can one learn to improve a specific awareness with something entirely different feeling then what they actually use to play golf?  Biggest reason why the MEGSA is so important.  Using the MEGSA with your golf club allows golfers to better develop this critical integration which is used to help them improve at golf.   

Dennis Sales Golf at SGTC at Texas Star in Euless TX serves as a perfect location for MEGSA golf lessons and training.  Our location is centrally located in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and just minutes away from DFW airport.  Visit a world class training center and train like the pros to elevate your game.

Take a few minutes to watch MEGSA in action.



Dennis Sales is a highly trained Performance Golf Coach that specializes in coaching programs in  Dallas  Forth Worth, Texas.  He utilizes MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment in all golf lessons, coaching programs and junior golf development programs.  Dennis was the 2011 & 2012 Top Ranked Instructor in New England by New England Golf Monthly.