TrackMan Combine: Benchmark Your Game

What is a TrackMan Combine Test?


To start with, TrackMan golf is the industries leader in ball flight analysis.  The TrackMan Combine test provides golfers of all ability levels a standardized test to measure their ball control skills against other golfers.  After all, how else should we be judging our abilities to control the golf ball?  That is why taking this TrackMan Combine test is required if your serious about improving at golf.  So what is the TrackMan Combine test?

  1. Player hit shots to distances of 60 ,70 ,80 ,90 ,100 ,120 ,140 , 160, 180 yards and driver.  
  2. Upon completion of test, each participant will receive the following feedback:
    1. Average distance away from the pin and dispersion circle for each shot hit
    2. Average drive distance and distance away from center line
    3. A score for each distance and drives on a scale of 0-100
    4. Percentage rank for each distance and drives
    5. Combined score for entire test

What Taking A TrackMan Combine Test Will Do!

Below are a few things that you will walk away with after taking the TrackMan Combine test.

  • What you will learn from the TrackMan Combine Test:
    • Which distance requires you to practice more at.  In the short term of things, very important to know so a golfer stays away from this distance while playing a round of golf.  Performing these tests with our players helps create specific game plans to perform at high level during tournaments or a round of golf.  
    • Which distance your good at compared to a golfer with a similar handicap or one that is better.  This is extremely important information to know especially if your serious about improving your golf scores.
    • Helps create a more precise player specific development program.  Golfers already put the time in to practice, so make that time more effective.  Improving specific distances during practice will certainly help you improve your ball control skills and lower your golf scores.

Using TrackMan Combine Test to create Practice planes.

TrackMan Combine test also provides players measured information on those essential data points that are directly relate to the 3 key components in controlling the golf ball.  Knowing which key skill needs attention helps determine an accurate action plan to practice more effectively.  This ultimately leads golfers to improve their golf scores.  So let's quickly dive into a few keys pieces from above report.

  • First thing to notice.  This players average angle of attack with driver is 6* down.  If we take a look at the TrackMan Driver Fitting Chart Optimizer below, we can see that he could gain 31 yards in length by improving his angle of attack with his driver swing.  To me, working on this component first creates a greater advantage in on-course performance because of how much further he can and should be hitting it.  We all know that hitting it further leaves shorter clubs into greens.    
  • His 60 and 70 yard average distance from the pin will make it hard in not only making 2 from that distance but also in being able to hit the green.  This is another area of improvement for him.  His key to improve these distances falls within improving the launch angle of his wedges.  
  • With this information, he is better able to game plan and navigate his ball onto greens more consistently because of his new knowledge of dispersion circles.  


Can we customize a TrackMan combine test?

Lots of golfers may struggle to carry a golf ball 180 yards in the air.  We can customize the amount of shots taken and their distances.  This nice feature from TrackMan creates better opportunities fro golfer to be specific in determining their weaknesses.  For example, below is one of the TrackMan ball control tests we give to our younger juniors.  We even have created a TrackMan Wedge Combine to measure a players ability to test their scoring clubs.  

Dennis Sales Golf utilizes TrackMan Golf in golf lessons and to assess a players ball control skills in Dallas Forth Worth, Texas.  You can schedule your TrackMan Combine test by contacting us.  Learn exactly where the state of your game is and start on your road to golf improvement.