Keys to Improving Your Driving

There is no question about it, being able to improve your driving distance is key component to help you shoot lower golf scores.  Don't believe me?  Then here goes...

Will Hitting Driver Longer Lower Your Golf Handicap?

Pretty bold statement but an absolutely true one.  So why is that so true?  First things first, we need to understand separation skills.  Separation value is a measure of a golf skill's potential to greatly affect your golf score.  Driving the golf ball long is a high priority golf skill.   First thing, let's take a look at graph below.  See the relationship between handicaps and driving length.  See how the lower then handicap, the longer they hit it?

Male golfers, data provided by

What I find really interesting is the relationship between good driver from the low handicapper to high handicapper.  Did you notice that their percentage of good drivers are the same?  Did you also notice that the higher handicapper even hit more fairways?  So I tend to believe that high and low handicaps golfers drive the ball with approximately the same accuracy but the seperation value of hitting it longer is a big advantage.

This is data collected from TrackMan Golf.  

Driving distance and driver club head speed go hand and hand.  Now some slower speed players can hit the golf ball further simply by just improving their efficiency.  Things like centeredness of contact and improving angle of attack will certainly help golfers hit the golf ball further.

Take a quick look at TrackMan's Optimal Driving Chart.  


Why Do Longer Drivers Have Lower Handicaps?

That is a pretty simple explanation.  Hitting driver longer, gets the ball closer to hole for your next shot.  The closer your are on your approach, the closer your golf ball will finish to the hole when it stops.  Think about it, you hit your shorter clubs closer to the hole then your mid irons.  Your mid irons closer to the hole then your long irons.  Those are just the facts and statistics prove it.  Let's take a look at Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk and Rory McIllroy.  

How to Hit Your Driver Longer.

A few key pieces to first understand.  First, we need to ensure that you get measured on TrackMan or similar doppler radar technology.  I also won't head to any golf box store for one simple reason, THEIR BUSINESS MODEL ISN'T ABOUT GETTING YOUR PLAYING BETTER GOLF, IT IS ABOUT ENSURING THAT YOU PURCHASE A GOLF CLUB.  Very simple facts that golfers need to understand.  We are not into selling golf clubs.  We are dedicated to doing what is needed to help our students improve their game and ultimately, their golf scores.  That is why we provide a goal achieving GUARANTEE or we will teach you for FREE until we do. 

Second, let's go back up and look at the Optimum Numbers - Driving Fitting from TrackMan golf.  One of the more important aspects of hitting longer drivers is creating high launch low spin numbers.  To accomplish this, we need to measure a golfers angle of attack and see what that parameter looks like.  We can clearly see what happens when golfers improve this component and what it does to their distance.  

Third, achieving center face contact increase our ball speed.  Ball speed then increase distances.  One of the most easiest ways for golfers to monitor this vital pieces comes from a $6 purchase of foot spray.  Dr. Scholl's foot spray simply lets golfers know where the ball is contact the club face.  

Golf Training Techniques to Improve Your Driver Distance


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