"GOLF is a GAME of SKILL and SCORING and not about building a PERFECT golf SWING"

When golfers can finally accept that fact, they will start on their road to better play.  Here is why...

If anyone has spent any time really observing players on the major professional tours or even at elite levels of juniors golfers, they would undeniably see that all golf swing are all different.  If they are indeed all different, why is it that golfers come in for golf lessons chasing a certain swing position?  Lets take a look at a few images of players at the top to of their golf swings.  

These top of swing images are from the 1st and T2nd place finishers of US Open held at Oakmont this year.  

A few more images of top of swing from successful tour players.  

Now let's have some fun with facts.  My older evaluation process asked players who's backswing they would rather have.  Overwhelmingly, every wants Adam Scotts swing because it looks more pleasing to the eye.   But if we look at their tour earnings, Jim Furyk has $22,029,395 more then Adam Scott.  A key that not many golfers seem to look at.  Remember, golf is unlike any other sport.  Others sports reward those who score the most.  Golf rewards those who score the least. 

Please don't get me wrong, having a technically sound golf swing is important, but what is a technically sound golf swing?  That is for another day to answer.  Right now, the goal is to get golfers to understand during this offseason on the keys to making a them better buy becoming more skillful and not so much technically perfect.  Elite level players do work on technical but it is around biggest goal in golf, essential ball control skills.  Think contact, curve and distance.  Great coaches work more time on improving technique around key SKILL pieces.  


Let's look at it in a more familiar way.  Let's look at Americas past time sport, baseball as an example.  Mainly because it is more likely that a parent has had their child play baseball and will be able to see exactly what is meant.  First question, did you see your son or daughters coach obsess with hitting mechanics the whole time at practice?  I certainly don't believe so at all.  What did you see?  You most likely saw them spend some time hitting, fielding ground balls, outfielders throwing to the cut-off man and turning double plays correct?  Even during these aspects of practice, you didn't see the coach hammer away on one piece of technique did you?  No, they would sprinkle it in every now and even then, at the ideal learning time.  Now, if you have been your sons or daughter golf lesson, are you seeing the instructor spend entire duration on technique and trying to match perfect positions in video?  Or how about the instructor getting up their to show off their golf swing to say this is how it is done?  If their swing is so good, why are they not on tour or why doesn't a tour player swing like them?  Well, if that is the case, they are not skill straining and you are not with the right coach.  SKILL TRAINING is NECESSARY in the IMPROVEMENT PROCESS!


The top of each of these players swing fit not only their body type but it allowed them to become extremely skillful in controlling essential ball control skills.  I believe golfers focus way to much on mechanics and many instructors keep filling those thoughts.  ESPECIALLY those instructors who say watch me and then show you their swings.  IN MY OPINION, these are the ones to stay clear off.  This certainly would be someone I would stay clear of if searching for a coach.  

A great coach is more then just a swing instructor, they coach you across all platforms of performance.  They show players how to use their action to better control the flight of the golf ball.  They show players how to improve their practice sessions.  They show players how to manage their games, their minds which are all KEY TO SHOOTING LOWER GOLF SCORES.  

Here is a great example:  a father brought a girl to me to evaluate her putting, swing and skills because they both didn't believe she was playing to her full potential.  We measured her swing on AMM 3D and noticed some things that were not "IDEAL".  Looked at her putting stroke on SAM PuttLab and took her out on the golf course.  I could of made the decision to change those things right there and then.  But I noticed something very intriguing about her. I also noticed things that were restricting her true on-course performance.  So the decision was made to not mess with the golf swing because I didn't believe changing things in her swing was going to change her on-course performance.  So what happened?  This girl started with me with a AJGA Polo golf ranking of 260.  By the end of that summer, she was ranked inside the top 100.  It is now 2 summers later and she is ranked inside the top 20 of AJGA.  Actually, we work with two girls who are inside the top 20 in AJGA Polo Rankings.  


Boy is that easier said then done.  A choice needs to be made from the coach on which are the priorities and from the players on which coach to select.  A highly knowledgeable and experienced coach in getting results has systems in place.  Here is the truth, every coach has a system or method to their teaching and coaching.  But not every teacher or coach has proven systems.  Players must seek out teachers and coaches with a proven track record of helping golfers get results.  But how does a player do that?  Simple, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Instructor should have their own websites.  This provides golfers with opportunity to learn more about who and what they have done.  
  2. Social media is a great way to see what they instructor has accomplished as well.  Take a look at some instructors with success.  You will see what is happening in the transformation of their players and their successes. 
  3. What is their education like?  Do they have advanced training?  Think of any other profession.  Don't they have advanced training as well?

Keys to Blog:

  • Golfers will not be able to emulate action of another player because physical stature and limitations are different. 
  • Skills trump swing style.
  • Skill training in sessions are vital.
  • Improvement is a choice, choose wisely as many only have one opportunity to achieve their goals.
  • On-course performance is everything.

Dennis Sales is a highly trained performance golf coach who is recognized as a top junior coach in the United States.  Dennis is based at Texas Star golf course in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.