High School Golfers: Scoring Mastery Intensive

I am very fortunate to have opportunity to work with some elite level juniors.  To ensure that I am helping them perform their best, I love watching them play in events.  Because of this opportunity to watch, I have noticed noticed some very specific trends as it relates to improving a players scoring ability.  

High school "Scoring Mastery Intensive" classes is one of the many intensive golf training curriculums we have created to help golfers improve their ability to score.  This intensive focuses on 4 very specific stroke saving concepts.  Each topic is covered in a 2 hour session.  Each student will also be provided an on-line storage space where they will have access to lesson notes and our proven skill developing games.  

Scoring Mastery Intensive:

  • Mastering the Short Game 20 Yards and In:  Each golfer will learn our unique scoring matrix so they understand how to adjust their set-ups in order to better control launch, height and spin.  
  • Managing Your Game Away From Trouble:  Golfers will learn key components in being able to make the ball curve as much as they want on command.  Important when a golfer is faced with a tee or approach shot with lots of trouble to one side.  Being able to eliminate one side of the golf course helps golfers stay committed to making aggressive swings. 
  • 30-100 yards Gapping in Scoring Clubs:  Our experience of working with juniors indicates that many golfers don't truly know their true distance gaps to stock shots.  Golfers will go through a TrackMan gapping sessions to learn their ideal yardages.
  • Finding the Right Mental State:  Not having a performance mindset prevents golfers from truly reaching their potential.  This sessions will focus on helping golfers develop the proper mindset to perform at the highest levels.  

Dennis Sales is one of the premier golf coaches in the United States.  He provides junior golf lessons and coaching in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas at Texas Star.