Keep a Score within the Score while playing!

Statistics are a great way to measure your current abilities.  I like my students to separate their long game stats from their short game stats.  This helps us isolate weaknesses within their games to improve on-course performance thru well designed training programs.  

Now our long game skill level will vary from player to player so how you evaluate your short game will vary as well.  For now, let's start by focusing on those shots that cross the 50 yard mark like image illustrates.  

The goal would be to see how many shots it takes to put the golf ball in the hole once the ball enters the 50 yard shaded area illustrated to the right.  I also would want you to log the average distance from pin once ball is on the green.  These are two important performance stats to measure and improve.  

Short Game Overhead View

Why?  Many golfers don't average at least 3 shots from this distance.  Golfers could easily save 3-6 shots a round if you could make a 3 and turn 3 into 2 a few times per round.  

Few Simple Concepts to Improve Your Percentages

1. Your lie dictates the shot you should hit.  Golfers at times don't take that into consideration while in the calculation phase of pre-shot routine.  They just see where the pin is in relation to them and the green.  Sometimes, when the lie is terrible, a safe shot that provides a clean simple putt is best solution.  

2. Play the simple shot first.  Start low and make your way up the trajectory ladder.  So if you can putt it, putt it.  If you can chip it, chip it.  If you can pitch it, pitch it.  If you need to flop it, then you missed it in the wrong spot.

3. Be observant from fairway position.  Give yourself a chance to hit the fat part of green so you don't short side yourself.  Tiger Woods approach shots finished an outstanding 80% to the fat part of green.  If Tiger used that strategy and won often, shouldn't majority of golfers do the same?

Short Game Mastery Is A Must

If your total average of shots from within 50 yards is greater the 27, then set a short term goal to improve that total.  If you're unclear how to execute certain shots or when you select certain shots, contact us as we would love to help you become a short game master!  Our short game matrix has helped our students master the short game.