Junior Golfers: Need Speed Training

Looking to really amp up your driver distance?  Then speed training is something you need to learn and train for.  Driver distance is directly related to ball speed, which is directly related to club head speed, which in turn requires hand speed.  Yes hand speed and not so much your body is the key ingredient in being able to hit those long towering bombs everyone marvels at.  Yes I'll admit, the body does need to have some rotational velocity but from what I've seen, golfers who try to muscle the golf ball out there, really don't hit it anywhere.  Why?  Improper use of body yields slow delivery speed of the hands which ultimately translates into slower club head speed.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to develop hand speed as adults.  Adults can improve hand speed through better body motion and slightly increase speed through proper training.  What they really won't be able to attain is a substantial increase in speed.  The reason for that lies in how they were trained during the developmental stages early in their lives.  This is where today's junior golfers will be able to maximize their potential if they are trained for speed during specific phases in their development.

Junior golfers have two windows in which they really should receive speed training.  These two windows correspond to specific ages.  If during these times, junior golfers focus on agility, quickness, change of direction and other points, they will have a tremendous advantage over a golfer who missed the first phase.  Then during their second speed window, a different set of training conditions exists.  Now those junior golfers who have trained accordingly will be able to maximize their total potential distance.

So please keep this in mind if you're looking to give your junior the best possible situation to grow to their fullest potential.  Bypassing certain windows, you limit their potential.  Junior golf programs shouldn't just have a focus on creating golf skills, it should also encompass Long Term Athletic Development from trained professionals.

US Kids Golf offers a unique product specifically designed to help a junior golfer improve their swing speed.  The US Kids Golf LIGHTSPEED TRAINERS will help them develop "tour-like tempo" by providing a means to swing faster then their current standard weight golf club.  These LIGHTSPEED TRAINERS will enhance their overall swing development.

Dennis Sales is a highly trained Performance Golf Coach that specializes in Junior Golf Development.  He delivers junior golf instruction and high performance junior development programs in Dallas / Forth Worth Texas.  The 2011 & 2012 Top Ranked Golf Instructor in New England.  Click here to learn about Junior Golf Development Programs.