Are Private Golf Lessons For You?

Private golf lessons are a great way to improve your golf game if you can not only afford it but are provided a clear blueprint to practice those key concepts learned in the golf lesson.  Honestly, the attention of a private golf lesson is a great way to improve your game.  But with that being said, I can honesty say, it isn't for everyone either.  

In this blog we are going to discuss other cost effective and great learning opportunities available to improve your golf game.  We will also discuss some key concepts and tips to make the most out of your one on one private lesson.  Let's dig in...

Problem With Private Lessons...

Private golf lessons provide one-on-one attention to improve specific skill sets but private golf lessons don't improve how and what a player does during practice.  

Private golf lessons provide one-on-one attention to improve specific skill sets but private golf lessons don't improve how and what a player does during practice.  

One of the biggest issues with private golf lessons is that majority of golfers won't stick to it long enough or even effectively enough to master what the instructor is trying to teach them.  Issues with learning to improve your golf swing one your own is simple.  You don't have enough feedback or experience enough to decipher when enough is enough when it comes to working on the technical improvement component during practice.  Golfers get to wrapped on trying to make swing evolution happen to quickly that the rest of their game skills start to fall apart.  

Think of it like this.  Imagine that golf had only 8 skills sets (boy that would be nice).  Think of these 8 skills sets as 8 buckets of water sitting along side a tree line during a Texas summer.  Do you believe that all 8 buckets of water are going to evaporate at the same rate?  Hopefully you are like me and don't believe that to be the case.  So if we wanted to keep these buckets of water all full, we would need to add a different amount of water to each of them based on where they stood in relation to the sun.  Some buckets are certainly going to need more water then others.  

We can certainly say that not all golf skills are created equal and that they certainly would require different amounts of work.  This is where golfers taken private golf lessons fail.  They seem to feet all wrapped up into what they are trying to learn, that they never continue to fill each skill set up with water or shall I say skill from practice.  Are you with me?  Does this make sense to why improvement really hasn't transferred it into lower golf scores?  Well that is one of the reasons and we will get more into it in later blogs. 

Another issue with private golf lessons is that some instructors may try to provide to much insight in the one hour lesson.  It then leaves your prefrontal cortex with system overload and good luck trying to swing like that.  I am sure you know exactly what I mean too.  

Here are a few private golf lesson tips...

  • A golf lesson journal is something that every successful athlete or even business has.  It helps golfers remember the key components covered in lesson.  We also know that people can only remember 10% of what they hear.  Goal for journal is to ensure you are well armed to continue your golf improvement.
  • 5-10 minutes per day of working on the concepts goes a long way.  Golfers don't even have to hit a golf ball to help their mind engrain the new feeling and concepts.  
  • 10-15 days is a pretty good time table for a follow up lesson.  This time frame provides a lesson taker to work on things and get back in to ensure they are progressing in the right direction.  The really good players and practicers can get away with a longer time frame.  
    • Your instructor should also be recording and providing you a golf lesson recap.  Here is my strong opinion.  If they are not recording lesson, not providing you a recap, not providing you a clear blueprint for the technical or skill component and not showing you how things have progressed from last lesson, you need to find another instructor.  Like I said earlier, only those really good players and practicers really benefit from private golf lessons.  Reason behind that mainly falls within their advanced level of proprioception.  Something a majority to golfers just don't have.  That is just plain simply the truth.  

Getting to the bottom line of private golf lessons...

Personally believe from my experiences and from the results my students have gotten, a nice blend between private golf lessons and group lessons is the best way for students to improve their games!  Now lots of different instructors call group lessons different names like golf coaching or supervised practice sessions.  I honestly don't care what they are called.  Serious instructors/coaches provide their students a great learning environment!  That is exactly what every golfer should be seeking! #truth

Private Golf Lesson Blend...

Maybe it is only my belief and experience but I have seen tremendous results by providing golfers both private golf lessons and group lessons/training/practice sessions.  Especially to those golfers learning to play, those trying to elevate their games and especially those who have just taken private golf lessons with little to no success where it matters most, that is on the golf course.  Learning golf in my opinion is way easier because the player is starting from stretch.  This provides a blank converse to create the habit.  Those who have been playing golf for a long time, have a deeply rooted swing habit.  Because that is the truth, it takes longer to improve and also require more time from the instructor/coach.  That is where these group golf lessons come into play.  It also provides golfers the same luxury provided in every other sport, access to a coach to help them develop a new skill set.  Think about his for a second, especially if you are one who still hasn't seen results,  do you actually think you can accomplish this task on your own when elite athletes seek the help of professional coaches?  Now, do you believe the path your own, just taking private golf lessons is going to change anything?  How about trying something that just about every other athlete does, seek the help from a coach and enroll in group lessons!

Group Golf Lessons Are The Answer...

Now I can't say that every group lesson provides this but this is what golfers should be seeking from group golf lessons.  

  1. To benefit the most from these group golf lessons, some sort of skill and playing evaluation is necessary.  This evaluation provides a clear blueprint to create effective and purposeful group sessions.  
  2. Group lesson environment should include feedback tools to help facilitate learning.  Again, let's look at other sports.  Don't athletes use tools to help facilitate learning?  I know for sure that they do because you can see them using it.  So again, if they use tools to improve, should't or shall I say, would't you want the same for your money and time?  After all, if the group lessons you are attending doesn't feature any of those components, I for one wouldn't sign myself up for that and neither should you.  If nothing is provided, what is the difference between just being at the range like normal and attending a class with nothing?

The other nice piece to group golf lessons is the cost feature.  These group golf lessons are at fraction of the cost to private golf lessons.  So if we look this nice perk that includes a great learning environment, how are you not going to play better and enjoy golf more?  Do yourself a favor, do a some of research in your area on group golf lessons.  See what instructors/caoches are providing.  See what kind of environment they are promoting in these group golf lessons.  Once you find one, commit to a series.  Commit to a few months of real golf training and then see how much more fun golf truly is when you start playing better out on the golf course.  

I have always found this component extremely odd. This even dates back to when I started playing.  How is it that golf is the only sport practiced in a manor that is entirely different then it is played?  How is it that golf is the only sport that the players spend a majority of their time trying to learn on their own?  Does anyone else see any other sport learned like this?  Absolutely not!  Other sports have their players come out and practice or train with their coach.  Their coach trains them in a manor that helps them better prepare for their sport because of their experiences and training.  Their coach creates the environment that allows skill sand technique to evolve under supervision. To me, based on what I have mentioned earlier and proprioception, makes little to no sense for majority of golfers to continue to learn in this manor.  Especially those who have not seen any significant on-course results!  Because here is another odd fact about golf versus other sports.  He or she who shoots the lower scores wins.  Other sports tend be work the other way now don't they?  

What makes a instructor/coach good?  IS it their knowledge?  IS it their ability to play golf well?  I kind of sort of believe it but I truly believe it's their application and the results from their students say everything!  Just look at every other professional or collegiate sport.  I think you might now agree with me.  

Here at Dennis Sales Golf, we are always striving to learn how to make golfers better.  We currently provide the best learning environment in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.  Our golf instruction and golf lessons get results.  Come see our amazing training center and experience our unique golf training methods.