Simple Course Management Concepts to Save Strokes...

I find myself discussing this concepts a lot with students.  Maybe it's because I am older and learned how to determine distances without using a laser.  Have to admit, I love using a laser because if used correctly it does and will help speed up play.  

Years before lasers, golfers had to walk off distances to yardages markers and then determine how many paces it was to pin from the front and the back.  We as golfers became skillful in determining this.  Most important aspect of doing this was being able to get more committed to the shot because this process helped create a better mental image.  I think many golfers fail to create this image and make simple mistakes because all they do is laser the flag and then determine the club.  There is more that that to safely navigate golf ball onto the green.  

The image below shows how to effectively get the yardage right in save strokes and improve course management techniques with a laser.  

Simple but effective concepts form golfers to follow to improve on-course decision making.